Boat Observations

1.  Living on a boat in the winter is wet.  Literally, everything is wet.  Maybe it’s that way in the summer too, I don’t know, I just know winter is definitely wet inside our boat.20140224-145909.jpg

2.  The windows always have condensation.  Lyla is quite skilled at using a squeegee though and Savannah mops up with towels behind her.  We are harnessing their love for window washing as that will be a new endless task for us.20140224-150113.jpg

3. Our boats roof and seals around the windows leak water in all sorts of places.  It seems to be a totally normal thing to have happen on a boat.  As luck would have it a few days after we  moved in Matt said, “Tracking down leaks are one of my favorite things.  I’m pretty good at it.” Reason #496 he is the best person for me to live aboard this boat with.

4. Taking the laundry to the laundry room at the marina is not a bad job.  It gets you a little piece and quiet, a nice warm room and there are magazines.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn a day around.

5.  Speaking of little moments, taking the garbage out isn’t a bad gig either.  I often take my camera as I have been amazed at the night sky on my walks.  When I went the other night a little harbor seal popped up and started showing off.  It was clapping and splashing.  Seems that might be the new normal.  Turns out there are a few local seals that are super social and just hang here to play and live.  They are the new neighborhood animals we see.  It’s kind of fun to have seals pop up every so often as if to say, “good morning.”

FH.January.2014 058

6. Getting life jackets on and off has added some time to our routine of getting ready.  The girls can’t do their own buckles yet so they both still need help getting situated.


7.  Our life is way more active than before.  There is a lot more walking and carrying, and pushing carts up and down ramps, and climbing steps and ladders and twisting inside doors and lifting little people out of doors.  It’s nice.  I feel like I am participating in life again.  Between that and the increased amount of fresh air, it’s kind of a refreshing way to live.

8.  We only have 30amps of power on this boat.  I didn’t really know too much about electricity until I realized three heaters, the refrigerator and the stove can’t be on at the same time.  We are learning to balance it all out.  Solar and wind energy will most definitely be in our future.

9.  We are loving living in town.  Being able to walk into Friday Harbor for coffee or dinner out has been fun.  We just discovered Van Go Pizza, a new place on the island.  Super good pizza and I’m happy to have a new restaurant on the island.  Plus the walks home are kind of cute with these two.



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