Spring on the boat


1. The spring rains have arrived. March can get a little rainy around here, but I have to tell you, despite the number of towels we need for all the leaks, being in our boat during a hard rain is glorious. The overwhelming sound of rain hitting the windows, the sway of the boat, the change in temperature which you can literally feel, the smell of salt air and rain and the ever changing sky- it all combines together perfectly.

2. We have a few tasks to complete this spring. Some more fun than others. I know there will be an ever growing and changing list of things we need to do, but that’s okay. These are the kinds of projects we like to do, that’s half the reason we have this boat. For the spring, we have the following things lined up:

– new toilet
– replacing the zincs- this basically has to do with counteracting galvanic corrosion on your boat using zinc. I only learned about this because it’s hugely important. It all happens on the bottom of your boat. Matt said he ‘know’s a guy who know’s a guy’… kidding, sort of. This will be taken care of soon.
– Filling in leaks.
– I am determined to have a garden somewhere on our boat. I’m going to be doing starts soon.
– Painting the living room- right now the room is this mustardy orange color that isn’t working for me. I found a much softer cream color which will brighten this whole place up.


3. I sat up on the top deck of our boat the other night. We don’t spend much time up there currently because it’s cold but I needed 20 minutes to myself. Right now there are canvases on the back of our boat. We have never seen the boat with these off. I literally cannot wait to hang out on our deck this summer. It’ll be like getting a new boat all over again.

Processed with Rookie

4. We have a sweet dog, Charlie. He’s a nine year old lab and is as gentle as they come. He’s such a good sport and has always just seemed wise. Like he gets it. Getting Charlie on and off the boat is a little tricky though but we are all getting better. Charlie isn’t so worried anymore and we know when he needs help. The biggest adjustment is having to walk him again to use the bathroom, no more yard to play in. We’ve found plenty of fields for him to play in though, so I would say it working out pretty well for him.

Processed with Rookie

5. Those ‘snakes’ I found turned out to be ribbon worms. They have pinchers and aren’t that friendly but not nearly as scary as snakes. Good news is we haven’t seen them since that night so I’m hoping they are migratory and just stopped by on their way south or something.


1 thought on “Spring on the boat

  1. Thank you for sharing with us. I run down to our boat during windstorms here on the Oregon Coast, make a cup of coffee and just listen to the sounds of the wind through the rigging. It is mesmerizing.

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