The Job of Cooking

We had our first dinner on the top deck of our boat two nights ago and honestly someone should have come by to hand out an award. I thought we were never going to eat that night. Daylight savings has afforded us the extra light we have needed to enjoy the evenings a little more. Not to mention the sunny-all blue sky fifty degree days have made everything a little better. However, cooking on our boat has continued to plague us. It’s one of the only things that is still a mess.


As of late, our normal dinner situation has consisted of our girls sitting in camping chairs while using another chair for a table as Matt and I sit on the couch and eat. It’s messy; usually the littlest one tips over in her chair and dinner is always guaranteed to be everywhere. Once we accepted all these things, it became less hectic. Getting food to everyone has seriously been the hardest part.

I certainly don’t fancy myself to be an amazing chef but I love to cook and try new recipes. We try to eat mostly meat and fresh vegetables (local when we can) with very few grains, dairy, sugar or processed anything. We all just feel better when we eat this way. The trouble is though; it has been so easy to fall back into making tacos or eating spaghetti or similar items. They are the quick and easy meals that require no thought and then make us feel like crap.

Focusing on food is becoming a priority again for me. I am starting to feel more and more like we actually live on the boat and not like we are just visiting. This isn’t one long vacation. The acceptance of this reality has caused me to start to realize each piece of our day has to feel right. We can’t just make do; we have to make it work for us.


We have a table on our top deck and seats for everyone. It’s quite nice really. I made a fabulous spinach/sausage/bean soup the other night and we trucked it up the ladder and to the table. Despite Sissy spitting most of it out “no like it” and another bowl being spilled, it was the nicest meal we have had in awhile. The sun was setting, harbor seals were out swimming and it was warm. Having a proper space to sit and enjoy almost feels like the motivation I have needed to pull our food situation together. I have found a few resources relating to cooking on a boat and their enthusiasm is contagious. I am trying to embrace the frugal/minimalist side of cooking and it almost feels like having another job. We’ll get it mastered, I have no doubt. It’s gonna take some time though, so if you are thinking of stopping by for fancy appetizers at sunset, you might want to either bring them yourself or come by in June.


2 thoughts on “The Job of Cooking

  1. How about a crockpot? Lots of great recipes!! A BBQ for a boat? Several models available and great to BBQ on those nice evenings.

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