1. So we have mushrooms growing on the boat. Not on purpose. As you can see there is a clear water leaking issue. I am pretty sure it’s not good to have mushrooms growing inside. I don’t want to ask Google though; I know the news will be bad. We are knee deep in that interesting time when you move into a new space that isn’t brand new. The gloss of your new place starts to fade and…. you know, you start to find little things like five mushrooms or a closet with damp clothes. The true stories start to flow.


2. I am obsessed with the sky and changing weather. I never really knew that I was so into weather. There is something about the drama of the change that I enjoy. Almost every morning I start checking all of the windows at 6:30am to see what the morning light will bring. I have a zillion pictures of the same view only different light and weather. Perhaps I could make a coffee table book for weather nerds like myself, who like to look at the same view. Ha, sounds like a best seller.


3. Seeing as how the mushrooms are thriving, my garden starts are coming along nicely. After looking around I realized I actually have a lot of space for a garden. I am going to have to be careful where I put pots on the boat seeing as how it’s wood and I don’t want to deal with rot. Turns out I am really enjoying designing gardens too.


4. The girls have made themselves right at home in the marina. They chitchat with everyone. There are some dock repairs happening at the Port of Friday Harbor and there is a crane. Lyla has all sorts of questions about the project. As we were walking by one day, she stopped and looked at one of the guys and said “So how’s the project going?” in the very serious ‘I’m a Project Manager’ sort of way. He gave a vague answer and it’s probably better that he didn’t give details or she might start checking back in on progress.


5. The crockpot has been saving us lately. We finally made a full menu for the week and that has helped. It’s amazing what a little organization can do. Who knew you could crock pot spaghetti squash, it’s a thousand times easier than cooking it in the oven and the results are the same.


6. We are spending way more time interacting with each other on this boat. By being in such a small space we talk to each other more. There has been a considerable shift in the amount of quality conversation we have and it’s lovely. We also spend a lot more time laughing together, the simplicity of life has made us all lighten up a little bit. Don’t get me wrong though, not all moments are roses, if Sissy can’t find her keys, no one is happy.


5 thoughts on “Mushrooms?

  1. Not to be a downer or alarmist, but the real estate agent in me knows how toxic a mold and moisture problem can be in a home. And mushrooms are a product of moisture and mold!! To protect your family you might want your moisture and mold problem assessed by a professional for toxic levels. It’s done all the time as an added inspection to homes. It’s something I would not take lightly!

  2. You are awesome. I feel like I am watching big sis take the first steps before I do. I’m right behind you! There are worse things than mushrooms, and that photo of the sun waking up … absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Just found your blog and am really enjoying your adventures. We just bought a boat and are new to cruising life. Our girls are 8 months and 22 months – and so much of what you write hits home! Really glad I stumbled onto your blog. Looking forward to you’re next post!

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