These are the days…

The weather around here has been amazing which has meant spending about a million more minutes outside. We have been talking more about taking the boat out. We still have a few things to take care of but with this nice weather upon us, it has us getting a little antsy. I think it might be best if Matt takes the boat out first without me on it. I actually feel like I might be more of a problem than a help. I think we will both be happier with this decision. I will have a zillion questions and know that I would be telling Matt to watch out for everything. My two greatest worries are backing it out of our slip and getting the boat out of the marina. I also worry a touch about sinking. However, about two weeks ago a boat blew onto the rocks in the marina one night and sat that way all day. High tide came and the boat was wiggled free and from what I can tell is perfectly fine. That gave me a little better feeling; it made me realize I consider boats more fragile than they are (don’t get me wrong, I was worried all day about whether the owners would lose their boat- we all cheered when it floated to safety).

boat on rocks

We have been taking care of a few things around the boat. We had the zincs changed and are starting to patch up some leaks. A funny thing though, all these NEW leaks have appeared. It has become pretty humorous at this point; we are so proud once one leak is contained and then we literally turn around and find a brand new one. Here’s to hoping for longs stretches of warm sunny days. This boat needs to dry out a little.

Days on the docks are getting way more fun with the girls. We have been throwing crab pots in just to catch and release and have also been practicing fishing off the back of the boat. Both girls are pretty into fishing and crabbing and are so curious about all the new creatures we’ve come across. They have no fear of snapping crab claws and I’m pretty sure they would make homes for them and bring them in if we let them.


Popeye, the infamous harbor seal has been stopping by the boat almost nightly and usually otters are playing while we eat dinner. It is such a neat thing to see but trying to get a two and four year old to focus on dinner with that show happening is tough competition.


I have been getting up super early and taking walks with our dog. It has been so nice to watch the sun rise and town is empty plus the flowers are amazing right now. That time is quickly becoming one of my favorite things about my day.


Lyla wants to eat the seaweed we have found. I know you can eat seaweed and might do a little research on how to dry our own. There are a ton of varieties and it is a great source of potassium, I just want to make sure we eat the right thing. It’s usually not a good idea to start snacking on every little thing you find.


I finished the website for my new business, Island Grocery Grabber. I am ready for business. I’m so interested to see where it goes and I’m excited to grow it into something useful for island residents and visitors. I am working on my marketing plan right now so folks can find me.

We found a sandy beach on the island and it’s our new hangout. I’m trying to let the girls play more on their own and have space to explore. Being on the boat has caused us to spend way more time playing and talking with one another. It’s a small space for four people to swirl around. Let’s just say we are getting pretty good at sharing. So beaches have become my answer. I get to have a few minutes of quiet in my favorite environment and the girls have wide open space to use their imaginations. So far, it’s working out.



Our Little Mates

first.boat.days.2014 012

To my Little Belle and Sissy Boo,

So many people have questioned why we moved to a boat.  They worry about you two sweet little chickens.  I am grateful people are worrying about you, but they could never worry more than me and Daddy.

 “Will your girls be safe?”

 “Where will they play?

 “Will they have to sleep in their life jackets?”

 “What if they fall in the water?

 “What if, What if, What if”

 In my heart I know we have made the right choice.  We kept you both first in every conversation we had about the decision.  You see though little loves, we’ve never lived on a boat before.  We don’t know what to expect, but isn’t that the fun of it?  Isn’t life about capturing the adventure that lies around the corner?  Isn’t it about seeing the unknown before you and charging towards it with intention instead of retreating because of fear?  We want you to see that different is okay.  A life with daily challenges is good.  It’s called living.  We want to learn this new life with you.

You don’t have the yard to play in anymore, but you have clams and sea anemones to check on and ducks to watch and Popeye the seal to guard the waters around our boat at night.  You have an ice cream shop a stones through from the boat and the park in town with swings is only a skip away.  You have a million stars at night to see from our deck and blue herons that sound like coo coo clocks.  You have otters that scared us to death the first time we heard them playing under our dock herding fish.  You have over zealous sea gulls that hope you will drop your crackers.  You imaginations run wild at night as we imagine the ocean floor below.  (Minus the scary jelly fishes that we will NEVER bring up again.)

You have a new fancy “life coat” with a whistle that each of proudly blow as you march along the docks.  You have a newfound confidence each time we let you walk a little further ahead without holding our hands.  We are learning to trust you more and more.  We are learning to communicate in a new way.  We are learning to appreciate your independence.  We are watching you grow in ways we never imagined.

Will you fall in the water?  My bet is yes.  Actually, I bet Daddy falls in first, then probably Charlie. You know what though?  If you fall in, we will get you out and dry you off and kiss your cheeks and laugh with you or dry your tears.  We will keep you as safe as we can but we can’t keep you in tiny little boxes your whole life.  We will let you lean over the edge just a little to get your balance and see what lives under our dock.  We will let you dip your toes in the water to see the water is here.  We will let you jump in if you want.  This adventure is about living and learning together.  You ladies will learn what you like and don’t like.  I can’t tell you what that might be.  We must discover it together.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazed I am with the spirit of adventure you girls have about living on a boat.  You are bursting with excitement.  Your ability to embrace this change astounds me.  Yes, Sissy, I know showers are scary.  But you are brave and last night when the whole family was literally cheering for you the whole time you showered, you shined on through and persevered.  You surprised yourself and couldn’t stop beaming and saying “I did it” when you were done.  Victory!

Little ladies, I promise you, our boat will always be filled with love for you both.  We will keep you safe and warm and we will learn and grow together on this adventure.  We will have ups and downs and surprises but we will have each other and that’s really ultimately what matters the most.

PS: You don’t have to sleep in your lifecoat.  Docks and deck only.